We live in a small condo building on a dead end street that is quiet and so is the neighborhood our street is on.

Our street is quiet enough for me to hear a neighbor who lives in a building diagonally across from ours.

This neighbor is a woman who happens to be both a wife and a mother to now 5 year old twin girls.

They live on the second floor and due to the foliage in front of their balcony I can’t quite see them but I can hear her. Oh boy can I hear her.

I’m not sure if she either has alcohol or mental (or both) problems but she often yells at both girls, and I have seen her yell and beat her husband in their garage which I have a perfect view to.

So, several times I have called the police because it kills me that these two little girls have to witness these crazy disputes between their crazy mother and their always mild and quiet mannered father.

Sunday night I looked out our balcony and there were 3 police cars on our street.

My stomach sunk and I just knew that somebody other than me had called the police and they were there for the same reason I had called them for in the past.

This time, within 10 minutes of me standing on our balcony, they took her.

As her girls screamed “we love you mommy” from their balcony, in handcuffs she screamed back “I will be back shortly”.

Yesterday morning while Lily ate breakfast, I heard one of the twins scream and cry as her father tried to put her in the car. “No daddy! I don’t want to go!”

I cannot get it out of my head.

It kills me to know that this is the way these two girls have to grow up.

I know it happens everywhere-every day but, I guess because I can see and hear it, it has affected me differently.

And it makes me so sad…