That mom

I would like to write about THAT mom.

You know, the one who is constantly criticizing and bashing you as a mom because she thinks she is a better mom than you?

Yes, THAT mom.

The one who thinks your house and your family’s house is too dirty for her child to be in but meanwhile she throws dirty diapers down the hall way. And leaves them there.

The one who criticizes you for drinking a dark beer while still breast feeding your baby but you clearly remember her downing 2 glasses of wine during bath time with her own baby while she herself was still breast feeding too.

The one who gives her child family size bags of cheese doodles to eat, takes her child to chick-fil-a at least once a week but then questions if her child is eating vegetables in your care.

The one who talks bad about your 2 year old having hand-foot-and-mouth disease but in the mean while dismisses the fact that her own child has had countless UTI’s, skin rashes and enemas due to constipation.

The one who lashes out because her child is playing with non bpa free toys in your care but in her own house, her child sleeps in a cheap plastic bed and has a room the size of an apartment filled with nothing but plastic toys that most likely are not bpa free.

Yeah, you know THAT mom. (if you don’t you are blessed)

THAT mom will always criticize you and bash the mom you are but you know what? Don’t let her get to you.

You know the mom YOU are and you know the mom SHE is.

And yes, this is a bit of a passive aggressive post but I needed to write it. I feel much better now. (smile)