Where I go

in between the every day sweetness in our life, there is sometimes frustration, anger, uncertainty, anxiety, depression.

this week the fact that we are still living in this 1 bedroom apartment has gotten me in a deep dark hole.

i don’t like it when i get there.

it doesn’t allow me to be the mother and wife i want to be.

on an every day basis i try to not let it get to me. but every now and again it does.

this week it has.

to the water at the end of our street is where i go.

i have always gone to water.

and when i do, i often remember and hear Natalie Merchants lyrics:

“…well i go to the river to soothe my mind. ponder over these crazy days in my life. just sit and watch the river flow…”

“…watch the river flow. ease my mind and soul. where i go. well i go to the river from time to time. wander over these crazy days in my life…”

“…let the river take it all away. the mad pace, the hurry, the troubles, the worries. just the river take them all away. flow away”