My dearest Lily,

you just pooped in the tub


it’s the third time now

maybe even the fourth

before you got in the tub, i sat you on the potty and asked you to do chi-chi and poopoo

you sat there for a while

when you were done you called me

you didn’t do anything in the potty

before you got in the tub, i reminded you to not poop in the tub and to call me if you needed to use the potty again

10 minutes after being in the tub, you called me

there you stood in the tub with poop floating around you



my least favorite part of motherhood so far

i don’t get it

you are so smart, you get things

i don’t understand why this is not registering

you have used the potty many times before

i hope you figure this out soon

i hope we can work it out

so, i’m thinking no more baths for a while

i’m sorry

i just can’t stand poop in the tub

i still love you though,

your mommy