outgrowing spaces

we outgrew this place ages ago

but, due to high rents around here and financially not being able to buy our own home, here we are

and it looks like we will be here a while longer

this place has changed many times in order to fit our growing needs

Lily’s bedroom was once my bedroom. which then was mine and Will’s bedroom. and then mine, Will’s and Lily’s bedroom

the living room was once a living room (what a concept!) and is now our bedroom (i hate it) and a living room

for the past 3 days i have been going crazy in my own head trying to figure out how to redo this place once again in order to fit our ever growing needs

between apartment therapy and pinterest, i have a few ideas but am still having a hard time

it’s weird how i can go into someone elses’s space and redo it but am struggling like crazy with my own

do any of you have this problem with the spaces you are in or are you all lucky and live in big spaces?