the weekend

happy monday!

here’s a little recap of our chill weekend

friday afternoon we took Lily to flamingo park where there was a free kids festival and Lily got to go on whatever ride she wanted by herself like the big kid she is these days

saturday we had a lovely visit from this mama and her kiddo and we played with baby Elsie

sunday while Will and Lily were at the beach, i stayed home to start a new painting but every face i put on the canvas was vibing me wrong so i decided to leave it and not force it

instead, i listened to really loud music and was in my head about rethinking the space we live in and how we can be smarter about space saving furniture and other smarter ways for storage

by the time Will and Lily were back i had redone our apartment three times

in my head

we pretty much spent the rest of sunday on the balcony where Lily got her first ink tattoo and where we found new purpose for the easel by turning it into a teepee for Lily

which she loved!

hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well