strong willed

you see that kid up on that wall?

that’s me. sharing my love for mixed prints already

aw, cute right?

don’t be fooled

i was a stubborn little bitch

every day of my life between the age of five and seven, i think i got beat/smacked/slapped by my mother

i drove her crazy and those were still the good old portuguese days when you beat your kids

so i got beat

e-ve-ry day

i deserved it. most times

i was loved by all and all shared the same hatred when it came to me

my stubbornness

when i wanted something, i had to have it

right then and there

that very minute

if i didn’t want to do something, i would put up a fight

most kids are like that. no?

some more than others

as i have gotten older, i don’t like to use the word stubborn so much

i much prefer strong willed

and i think it’s important to be strong willed and to not get that beaten out of you through life

Lily is definitely a very strong willed child

she takes after her mother and a bit after her father as well

as hard as it is some days to deal with her, i try to find a compromise because i don’t want her to feel completely defeated and think that it’s a bad thing to be strong willed

because it isn’t

i think it’s actually a great thing

to be strong willed to fight and stand for things you believe in

were any of you super strong willed children? how did your parents deal with it? how do you deal with your own strong willed children?