life with a two year old

it’s challenging to say the least

yes, it’s a wonderful age

an age of curiosity and fast development and i don’t necessarily miss the baby years but definitely miss the easiness of a baby

dealing with a strong willed Lily these days is like dealing with the teenager she will possibly turn into and it scares the shit out me

she is pushing us hard these days

not listening

not listening and then full on saying “no” when asked if she is listening

with her face turned to the side so she won’t even look at us

trying to say the least

those sleepless breast feeding nights seem easy compared to how things are now

but it’s all a phase

i know it will get easier

and then harder once again

such is life and it’s evolution

if any of you reading this are new moms, enjoy those sleepless nights and those day naps

it all goes by too fast

and i too will enjoy/be tortured by our two year old

because she won’t be two forever either