put a belt on it

left: top- babygap. necklace- me. skirt- crazy8. belt- gapkids. sandals- salt water

right: dress- babygap. belt- gapkids. sandals- salt water

before i start talking about salt water sandals, let’s discuss Lily’s belt shall we?

i purchased the belt from gapkids last year because i was wanting a hot pink accessory in my wardrobe

Lily loves it (duh, it’s hot pink)

we can now both share it

ok, now onto salt waters

if you’re a small style regular, you probably know by now that i love (LOVE) salt water sandals

Lily was growing out of her second pair so we ordered her a new pair (her third)

a new style in a new color

her last two pairs were the surfer sandal

this time around we got her the original sandal

she was growing out of the size 7 she was wearing so we ordered the size up, an 8

when the size 8 in the original sandal arrived, it was HUGE!

like two sizes bigger huge

we kept the size 8 because she will need them in a few months down the road but we had to order her a size 7 for now

so, long story short… the original sandal runs a size bigger than the surfer sandal

but they are awesome and Lily will have a pair on her feet until they stop making them

or until she will fight me on it

also, in case you’re curious of where Lily is, she is on lincoln rd. at her fave spot

happy thursday!