march thirtieth two thousand four

overlooking new york city from hoboken new jersey on a cold winter day i sat there next to him as he slowly broke my heart into a million pieces

my heart felt like the broken frozen ice on the hudson river

thin and shattered

after seven years of being together, the man who i had been married to for five years was now telling me that he no longer wanted to be married and that he was no longer in love with me

it wasn’t my first time getting my heart broken but you are never prepared for such a thing and part of me died again that day

eight years have now passed since that cold day and just like birthdays of loved ones, graduation dates, wedding dates and many important dates in my life, march thirtieth of two thousand four will always be a date i will remember

it was a date when part of me died and was reborn all at the same time

as i sat there listening to his words, i couldn’t help but think that i must leave

i must pack up all my things and start over

start over under blue skies and palm trees

and here i am today

living a new life, with a wonderful new husband and a magical daughter

under blue skies and palm trees