Lily’s color-full room

Lily’s bedroom used to be our bedroom

and even though it has always been a great room, the fact that it is still somewhat a shared space in the sense that mine and Will’s closets are in there and the rest of my clothes in the big armoire, it makes for a difficult space at times

it needed some furniture shifting and some major organizing

since Lily is now two and a half, she has accumulated quite the collection of toys

kitchen, dress up clothes, dress-up jewelry, coloring books, art supplies, puzzles, stuffed animals, dollhouse… you get the picture

the open 3 shelf bookshelf that Will had built was wonderful and it served its purpose but not only was the bright yellow too much color in the room (is there such a thing?) but it also displayed e-ve-ry-thing and it was visually giving me anxiety

so, we gave away the old yellow bookshelf and purchased the white bookshelf and baskets from ikea

everything has its place, is much more organized and it is no longer in open sight

Lily’s bed got moved to her old reading corner where the chair used to be and it is such a cozy sleeping nook now with all of her bedtime favorites right there next to her

we also finally hung curtains up in her room as well as…. art work!

not just her own art work but also art work that was made for her

in the long run, i would like to get rid of the green walls and replace them with light gray but, the space is great for now

the way i see it, a space is like a person

always a work in progress…