playing dress up

i have a dear friend’s wedding next month

in new york city (exciting!)

not only have i not been up north since 2008 but i haven’t been to a wedding in soooo long

and i love weddings!

sure i could try to find something to wear in my closet but, it’s not every day you go to a dear friend’s wedding and weddings are always a good opportunity to get dressed up

so….. i stopped in at zara and played a little dress up

out of everything in there, there were three pieces that captured me

this dress (love the bottle green color and i have nothing like it), with this top over it and these shoes

i didn’t make a purchase

i actually left zara empty handed. shocking!

the three items have a bit of a pricey total all together

but i keep thinking about everything

especially the shoes. which i think might be more of a must since believe it or not, i have no dressy shoes

what say you?

love it? or hate it?