i miss calling in sick

remember being on a payroll and when you got sick you could call in, not go to work and still get paid?

i miss those days

oh motherhood, what’s up with you being the hardest job i’ve ever done, with the longest days, i don’t get paid and can’t even call in sick?

you are a bitch of a boss

yesterday was the kind of day that i would like to lock in a box and never have again

Lily was still sick and so was i

as many talks as i had with her “Lily, mommy is not feeling good, let’s be good and help each other”, it didn’t matter

it was like she was out to get me

i had to repeat myself hundreds of times in order for her to do anything

she wanted to do puzzles but was still too sick and tired to focus and really do puzzles

she wanted to watch movies but wouldn’t sit still

she wanted to make a necklace but really just wanted to jump on the bed and watch the beads bounce all over the place (stop it already!!!)

she wouldn’t nap

she wouldn’t play by herself

all i wanted to do was be in bed with the curtains closed and my head buried in a pillow

it was one of the hardest days i have had with her in a long time

thirteen long hours

thank goodness for bestfriends who live practically next door and brought over a feel better care package which included homemade motzah ball soup

once Lily was in bed and after i ate two bowls of soup (yes two. what?) i felt a whole lot better and that i could actually deal with today

happy friday everyone. here’s to a better today and an even better weekend

(ps- yes motherhood is the most rewarding job but really, yesterday, the only rewarding thing was that bowl of motzah ball soup)