feeling better

shirt&booties- f21. necklace- icreate. belt- gap (old). pants- zara (old)

how about some post sick face for ya?

extra spicy bloody

eggs benedict with spinach over lump crab cakes. yeah. yum!

a walk

movie time at D’s

pretend nap

real nap (busted D!)

pooh was the chosen guest of honor yesterday

outside play time in between rain drops

Lily and Mia

Lily and i were feeling a lot better yesterday

despite the fact that it was drizzling on and off all day and it would have been the perfect day to have stayed in, we had had enough of staying in after a full week of it from being sick

so, we called up D and forced him to go to breakfast with us

after breakfast, we then forced him to go for a short walk and take us back to his house

all against his will

it was a great saturday

and because it was raining, i wore a swim diaper home