new york, new york

happy monday everyone!

it is another rainy day here in miami

seriously, it has not stopped raining since saturday night and… i’m loving it (cause i don’t have to go anywhere, if i did, i wouldn’t)

so new york


it’s happening on thursday and i’m super excited!!

i cannot wait to see our dear friends get married

i cannot wait to see some dear friends i have not seen in a really long time

i cannot wait to have sleepovers at one of my bestie’s new nyc place

i cannot wait to just stand in the street and feel the energy of the city!!!!

sure i’m nervous and anxious about flying (cause i always am and always ALWAYS think i’m going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but, i’m trying to not focus on that (DIE!!!!) and just be excited

so, i’m excited!!!!


ps- i would also like to just give a heads up to my friends who read this blog that this will be a very short trip and therefore i will not be making any trips out to nj or try to get together with anyone cause there will be no time. but i love you all and will try to make it there for that another time