for Alice’s sake. a kitchen story by Min Sanchez

Adelaide, the original owner

Lulu, the second owner at age three

Lily, the third owner at age two

there have been quite some comments and questions regarding Lily’s yellow kitchen

i could just say that it is being borrowed from our friends Lulu and Min but the truth is that this little kitchen deserves its own post because it has a wonderful little story behind it

and who better to tell it than our dear friend Min

“In 1987 we moved into the most Fab brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  The house next door was empty as the owner, an old Swiss German woman, Alice Schmidt, had recently passed away.  The house sold to a young couple as is.  We met the new owners who acquired the house with all the most incredible contents.   Alice and her husband were rabid collectors of EVERYTHING!  The place was totally insane, filled top to bottom with STUFF, which left only narrow tunnels open to move through.   The collection ranged from rare european antiques (including the most important doll collection ever according to Christie’s Auction House), irons, hairbrushes, greeting cards, furniture, dolls accessories, meat grinders, umbrellas, the list goes on and on.  Oli was asked to help restore some of the wood in the house and we were allowed to take some things we liked and the kitchen was one of the things we took.
The unfortunate part of Alice’s story is she had only one child, Adelaide, to whom she disowned for reasons we do not know for sure but were told it was because she didn’t like Adelaide’s husband.  Alice was an angry and paranoid woman that spent her last years at her front door, even sleeping there.  She would go outside and yell anti semitic  slurs from her stoop daily.  She gave the “Oil man” the house with everything in it.  Nothing for her daughter.  The Oil man sold the place asap with everything inside.  The new owners made tons of money on the contents and the brownstone was in it’s original untouched state, a real jewel.  They made out, Adelaide did not.  Sad.
So in honor of Adelaide, we share this magical kitchen for little girls to enjoy and hope that is pissing Alice off!”
so there you have it my dear readers
a little kitchen story
hope you enjoyed it!