a friday in NYC

so, after a walk through central park, Connie and i went back to her super cute place where she went through her closets

and guess who scored big time? me!!!!

we then had yummy lunch at harry’s burritos and took the subway down to 34th st where i got off to check out h&m

i couldn’t deal with h&m (or f21. i can’t believe it)

too many people, the music was too loud, too many colors, too many patterns…

got nothing but a top, skirt, scarf and bangles for lil muse Lily

after giving up on shopping (who cares anyway, i scored big time at Connie’s) i walked down to 23rd st to hotel chelsea where Connie was getting her hair done at suite 303

being at suite 303 brought back such crazy memories

not only did i used to get my hair done there but i also had my first art show there in 1997-8 (yes, the nineties!!)

and let’s not even mention that it’s the chelsea and it’s part of art/music history (all soon to change btw because the hotel was just recently sold)

once Connie was done with her hair (fabulous), we walked down to soho and ended up in nolita where we had the yummiest lime and jalapeno vodka caipirinhas at bar bossa

we sat for a while, ate, drank and took in everything about the place and its people (i used to work across the street so it was nice to revisit a neighborhood i always enjoyed)

after bar bossa we walked to the east village where we found amor y amargo

just like many bars in the city, it’s small but full of old nyc charm

we ordered some more drinks (oh boy…) and again took in everything about the place

but we didn’t stop there! lol

oh no….

because at that point we felt like dancing, we went back to nolita where we checked out the sapphire lounge (oh yes we did!) an old hang out of ours

there was nothing going on there so we went to some other place near by and had us some more drinks

cause we do it like that

it was a long and busy friday and i loved it!

i love everything that city has to offer including the energy that no other city has

i heart nyc (and it’s wednesday and i’m still tired)