according to my phone

street style

a mommy-Lily lunch date

stormy weather

hello kitty

i was never this cute as a kid. ever

a frieze treat



movie at auntie K’s

yard bird. finally


i will miss this little face. she is moving away soon

hippie angel

mother day love

drunk molly

mother’s day is exhausting


gray house with pink roof





old friends

flower hair by two year olds

this week we have had play dates, stayed in, cleaned, done laundry, watched some movies, painted, had indoor and outdoor picnics, you know, we have done the normal stuff we do

i can feel the weather is changing

the days are getting more humid and it is not necessarily the best for me

it really tires me out actually

do you remember this post?

the answer was “yes” (obviously) but because june 16 is right around the corner and there was no way we could get to portugal by then, my brother and his gf have decided to change the date for september

much better!

maybe now i can convince my brother to do his wedding on the same date because i would like to not go to portugal one of these years and actually see a different part of the world (more on the disadvantages of having family far away another day)

i still have not edited the pictures from the wedding and it’s starting to give me more anxiety than i already had

hopefully i can get it done this weekend

anyway, that has been my week

hope you all are having a great week so far also