snail mail

i think i have mentioned on here how awful (like really, really awful) i am at printing out pictures and going to the post office

the other day while skyping with my parents, my mom asked (more like begged) me for some recent pictures of her only grand daughter (no guilt now)

of course i said yes but i thought: ugh! now i have to put pics on a disc, walk to cvs, stand at the machine and do all of that… (you would think she asked me for the impossible)

then i had the bright idea to go onto cvs online (cause can’t you do just about everything online?) and see if i could just upload the pics instead of having to do all of the listed above

and yes!!!!! i did it

i uploaded the pics and picked them up the next day (could have been the same day)

Lily had recently watched a sesame street episode where they talked about writing and mailing letters and so that’s what we did yesterday

i had her write/draw cards for family members, we included the pictures and then we walked over to the post office where she handed the letters to the mail rep and watched her weigh and put stamps on every single envelope

it felt great to get some love out to family by snail mail (while teaching Lily a little lesson along the way)

it’s nice to get some mail love instead of just bills and junk mail