a kir sunday

i walked over to a la folie where i met Will, Lily and D

this hair is driving me crazy

a la folie

happy with a full tummy and in pink

walking to get some wine and peach juice

a peachy kir (peach juice, white wine and blackberries) at D’s

movie time

outside play time


and running

not running

more running

when i got to a la folie for lunch yesterday, i knew i wanted something different and refreshing to drink with my meal but wasn’t sure what

i knew i didn’t want beer. or wine

i was somewhat in the mood for some proseco but it wasn’t in the menu

i didn’t want a kir royal but…. a kir?

what was a kir? (do any of you know?)

a kir is white wine and cassis (currant) juice

yes please!

i liked it so much that before we all went over to D’s house, we stopped at the store and i picked up some white wine and peach juice

back at D’s a new summer drink was born

a peachy kir

white wine (luna di luna), peach juice (goya) and blackberries

they go down easy so beware….

happy monday everyone!!

(oh, in case you were wondering about the pants, they were a total score of $29.95 down from $128.00 at anthro. happy)