noooooooooo!! don’t eat it

aaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! ants! (lol silly girl)

the main reason we still live where we live (in our small one bedroom apartment) is because we really love our neighborhood

it is safe, it is quiet, it is ideally located, it is neighborly, it is pretty

there is the bay right around the corner where we like to go and look at the boats and where Lily likes to “fish

and there are also quiet sidewalks where we like to take our time walking and gather leaves and flowers

it is a neighborhood where i can easily entertain Lily, where she can easily learn about some nature. for free

it is a neighborhood i will one day really miss when we do move

Lily wears: bow clip- adornme girl. top- old navy. skirt- h&m. sandals- salt water

ps- just realized Lily is wearing yellow and blue again