according to my phone

stripes and icreate necklace

what my hair looks like on a daily basis cause i can’t deal

a lesson in snail mail

i can eat the whole bag

stinky feet

a sunscreen snack

happy girls

jane’s addiction

after jane’s addiction

an outfit

Will says i don’t take pictures of him anymore. i think he misses being on the blog

babies bath time on the balcony

a disappointing vanity fair reading break

breakfast. banana, peach, strawberries and flax seeds

a tryke ride

an outfit while watching baby Elsie

some morning puddle fun

puddle reflections

Lily and her sailboat


jump belt

raw lunch

an outfit

being chased

it was a funny week (funny weird, not funny haha)

lots of rain so we stayed in a lot

which i always enjoy but, it brought lots of different emotions out of me this time

melancholy, nostalgic emotions and memories

i think it was a mix of the music i was listening to (Neko Case, Mazzy Star, Cowboy junkies…) and pms (i checked if mercury retrograde was in full swing again but no. phew!)

didn’t it feel like a really long week also?

it did here

felt like it should’ve been friday on wednesday

are you all ready for this long memorial day weekend?

miami beach (where we live) is where people come from all over to celebrate such weekend

it gets crazy here

every year someone gets stabbed, shot…

crazy i tell you

so, this year in order to discourage people from coming, they are closing certain roads and access to the beach, there will be lots of drinking check up points….

so, we cannot really go anywhere

nothing like feeling like a prisoner in your own town

happy weekend everyone!!