how about this guy? sexy, right?

ocean finds out on the balcony

yesterday morning we enjoyed the beach before the memorial day weekend crowds took over

i must say though, aside from the three main tourist attractions (ocean dr, collins and washington ave), the beach seems really quiet

most of the restaurants and shops on lincoln rd are emptier than usual

a lot of the locals took off and the people who live near by who would usually come onto the beach for the weekend, will not dare

so, we are enjoying a quieter and emptier than usual beach and weekend

i’m writing this post while sitting in Lily’s bed

Lily is at D’s house

she went over yesterday afternoon for her second sleep-over (first one was back in february)

she just loves her D and loves being at D’s house

you would think that i would take the opportunity to sleep in but because i’m used to waking up early, i woke up at my usual time

also, it feels weird being in her room without her in it

hope you are all having a great weekend also!