a yellow house

i believe a person has to make things happen

but i also believe that sometimes life takes it’s course and things happen on their own

for a reason

just when we had sort of stopped looking for another place to live

just when we were happy with the way things were looking over here after fixing our bedroom (here) and Lily’s bedroom (here), i stumbled on a craigslist listing late last week

i couldn’t even see the pictures but i liked the price and the description so i forwarded it to Will

once he looked at it and showed me the pictures, we got excited and called the owner

that was sunday night

on monday (memorial day), we went to look at the house, immediately fell in love with it, hit it off with the owner, put down a deposit and agreed to move in by june 15


it sounds crazy and surreal even as i write it

Will and i have never made such a quick and not thought over decision like this before

it is a two bedroom, two bathroom house with a bigger kitchen, dining room, living room, den and a yard

with lots of windows, lots of light and beautiful floors

it’s a house in a neighborhood that is not on the beach but in the design district, a neighborhood that Will and i have driven by plenty of times looking for “for rent” and “for sale” signs

it will be a change for all of us but we are looking forward to living in a house, in a new neighborhood and to get to explore a whole different part of miami

june 15 is right around the corner

we have a lot of work to do…..

but we are so excited!!