walking with a toddler

she always wants to bring a baby, a rubber ducky, an elmo, a something with her

i always try to hold her hand to make her walk faster and always end up with her baby, rubber ducky, elmo or whatever in my bag where i already have her water, diapers, wipes, snacks and so on

she doesn’t want her hand held because she wants to pick up sticks

or maybe even snack on a….. leaf? (what!?)

she will stop and turn around many times to observe what else she can pick up

she will play balancing games

and pick up more sticks. and leaves

a walking errand that would usually take me 15-20 minutes max takes me at least an hour with Lily

because as you can see by the pictures above she has to pick up everything she sees along the way

that’s why every time i have an errand to walk, i make an outing out of it

oh, and if we brought home everything she picks up, our place would look like a jungle

she sure is cute though