according to my phone

looking five

two of the same

in her tree kitchen


seafood dinner by Will

a party

quesadilla with avocado by me

music time with Lily and baby Elsie

sweet baby Elsie


may was a great month

i got to go to nyc, be present at a dear friend’s wedding (shit i still need to edit those pictures) and spend time with one of my besties

we had lots of play dates, home time, beach time, pool time, family time…

and at the end of the month we found our rental house

it was a super month!

june will be different with us having to pack up this place and get ready to settle into the new place

nights have started to be a little sleepless for me

i have started to wake in the middle of the night thinking about all the packing we have to do, the fact that we still have not found someone to rent out our apartment but mostly because a big change is around the corner

miami beach is all i have known for the past decade

it is the longest i have lived somewhere

i’m starting to freak out a little bit about not being on the beach but yet very excited about being somewhere new

you would think we were moving across the globe but we will only be fifteen minutes away by car

it’s still change though and as much as i crave it at times, i think i am a creature of habit and tend to like things the way they are (if all is good of course)

i just have to keep thinking: house. big house with a yard. house….


happy friday everyone

and happy june!