yellow house inspiration- Lily’s bedroom

love the colors and the eclectic mix of textiles in this room

simple, clean with a great color combo. will definitely do a hanger wall hanging!

love the hanging lamp

minimal but with storage and functionality

framed art and ceiling hanging art

wonderfully organized and color coordinated

perfect. seriously

will definitely do the rope with clothes pins for art display

crates as shelves

a wonderful reading/playing nook. magical really

hanging lights

in the new yellow house, Lily will soon have a new bedroom

for me, decorating is the most exciting part about moving into a new space

to get to know and feel a new space, its light, and try to decorate in a way that will compliment it best

Lily’s new bedroom will be a bit smaller and longer than the one she has now (here)

the light will also be different. it will not be as bright

her present bedroom is a little bit of everything

her bedroom, play room, art room, our closet

because her new bedroom will be smaller (and the rest of the house so much bigger), i think it should function more as just a bedroom

of course i already started brainstorming and thinking about how to decorate her new room

before i joined pinterest, i had a bunch of pictures in an “inspiration” folder

the pictures above are from both that inspiration folder and my “home stuff” pinterest folder (in case you want the original source)

it will be a while before then but i am excited about the endless possibilities of what her room could be