yellow house inspiration- master bedroom

love this color combo

black&white rug

bedding and corner console

a sitting area


a little boho

bed side table and pouf. hanger idea for Lily’s room


colors, wardrobe and large painting

dresser and hanging light

colors and wall art

pretty darn perfect. cute dog not included

i can’t really speak for Will but i can speak for myself

and i am super duper excited about having a bedroom in the future yellow house

like a real bedroom and not just a room that has been sectioned off the living room by book shelves

our future room is big with lots of windows

i don’t think there is much we will need to buy other than a wardrobe/armoire for me since the house doesn’t have many closets (we’re not really gaining any closet space)

just like for Lily’s future bedroom inspiration, all images are from my inspiration folder and my “home stuff” pinterest folder