boxes, boxes, boxes

i have packed thirteen boxes in total so far

i started with the decorative items like vases, sculptures and so on and have moved on to books

all the boxes are recycled from our local bodega and from D’s work and i have wrapped all fragile items in towels and sheets that would have to be packed up anyway

i’m trying to not get obsessed about it and keep the mornings for Lily and do our normal morning things like have play dates and walks if the weather permits and then pack a bit later in the afternoon when it’s too hot to be outside

while i pack, Lily entertains herself in her room with her toys or on our bed reading books

she’s been really good. can’t complain

i think the worst part about packing is having to be surrounded by boxes (filled and empty) while already in a very tight space

but…. soon we will be in a big new space and that is oh so exciting!