according to my phone

looking a little nautical

a short walk between rain storms

catching rain drops

mommy/pai photo by Lily

the sun after the rain

new growth. makes me so happy

baby Elsie in the high chair. already

chili night at K’s. love

miami sunset from K’s balcony. amazing

looking like she’s up to no good. i mean, really. look at her

walking to the beach

a perfect family beach day

she’s so hard to snuggle these days

it’s getting too hot and humid for jeans

her braids are getting so long

bike ride to the park

at flamingo park

breakfast. mango, strawberries, banana, flax seeds

lol. reflections

a walk

on lincoln rd

same jeans, different day

a frieze treat

dinner by Will

a new favorite sitting spot

anthro sale plate. present for Lily’s future room

“so cuuuuuute” she says about her baby

a new do

a wooden bird

lol teething

wow. lots of pictures

it didn’t seem like a super busy week but sure looks like it, no?

june so far has been how i remember june in miami to be: rainy

we have been indoors a lot more and that works out just fine because i have a lot of packing to do

it’s boxes, boxes, boxes around here

22 packed so far and looks like 22 waiting to be packed

this weekend i will have a little break from packing while we celebrate D’s birthday. yay!

we will also go see our future yellow house once again and i can’t wait because i want to get a better general idea of where things will go

our big move is next friday

happy friday everyone. hope you all have something fun planned