yellow house inspiration- kitchen

colorful and well displayed pottery

open shelves with books and dishes

more open shelves. plants

open shelves, art, plants

art in the kitchen

more art in the kitchen. dirty/stinky shoes not allowed in the kitchen

how cool is that spoon chandelier/mobile? a dyi must

dipped wooden spoons

there you go

great window decorating idea

i love this. found a bunch of crocheted doilies while packing. will def do this. maybe better for one of the bathrooms windows though

window plants

hanging plants

when i lived in san diego in the early nineties, i went to look at a rental house on the cliffs

the kitchen had a window by the sink over looking the ocean

the ocean!

imagine washing dishes while overlooking the never ending ocean?

i would wash dishes all day

the house was too much money for my broke ass self and boyfriend at the time

but…. i fell in love (and became a bit obsessed) with kitchens with windows (i still often think about that house btw)

our future kitchen in the yellow house has not one but two windows! (eeeeeeeeeeee!)

it’s not a super large kitchen but it is definitely bigger than the one we have had here

i see lots of plants (i’m totally freaking Will out right now), pretty window decorations and well displayed pottery

once again, pictures are from my own private inspiration folder and my “home stuff” pinterest folder