top- h&m gifted by Connie. skirt- zara (similar). necklace- icreate. bracelet- souvenir from africa. shoes- gap

Lily wears dress- babygap. necklace- icreate. sandals- salt water

our future yellow house

sunglasses- marc by marc jacobs (old)

so good!


late night. bad parenting. sometimes it has to happen

yesterday on the way to monty’s to start D’s birthday celebrations (his official birthday is today), we stopped off at our future yellow house to sign the lease and to check some fixings that needed fixing

it was good to see that we (Lily included) are all still in love with the house and eager to move in this coming friday

at monty’s we enjoyed fresh seafood, drinks and good friends

Lily came out of her shell big time by going in front of the live reggae band and spinning around with her arms up ballerina style

she was spinning, skipping, hopping…. having a darn good time

until it got late, she got tired and sleepy and crashed out

sometimes we keep her out late

it’s good to get out of the norm every now and again

have a great sunday everyone

(and……. happy birthday D!!! )