D’s birthday

watermelon, feta, mint salad

happy birthday D!!!!

yesterday we went to the beach in the morning, had lunch on lincoln rd, came home to relax a bit and cook and then went over to K’s place to officially celebrate D’s birthday with cake, candles and all

it was a small gathering of friends just the way D wanted it and it was perfect

it was quite the busy and fast weekend over here

i feel like i need a weekend to recuperate from this weekend but that won’t happen for a while

we have a busy week ahead of us

i did no packing this weekend which means i gotta hustle this week

tomorrow i will be a witness in court on a friend’s behalf, Lily will go and spend the day with auntie Min so Will can work

we have some playdates planned this week and we move on friday

phew! i’m tired already

it was our last weekend here in the apartment and with so much going on, there wasn’t even time to feel sad or melancholy about it

i guess that’s a good thing

i think we are ready to go to the yellow house…

happy monday everyone. hope you all had a great weekend