yellow house- Lily’s bedroom

hanging scarf purchased on sale at anthro hanging by two curtain rings

old uo lamp (needs a new shade), tiny vase purchased at anthro long ago

“the lucky star” painting by me

white curtain purchased at bed,bath&beyond decades ago. colorful curtain is actually a throw (the fringe was tied) purchased on sale at anthro couple years ago

thread dial string purchased on sale through modcloth

mermaid painting by me long ago, “L” from anthro gifted by D, ikea shelving and storage

elephants purchased at uo a while ago

it was important for me to put together Lily’s room first in this new house because i wanted her to feel at home as soon as possible

her new room is a lot smaller than her old room but i think it has exactly what she needs in it

one thing i like to look for at places like anthropologie is textiles

through the years i have accumulated quite the collection of throws, bedding, table cloths, scarves, all purchased on sale

i am happy to finally put those items in an unconventional use

i mean, who says you have to use a blanket as a blanket?

Lily’s room faces the back yard, it is quiet and calm and i think due to the small space and ceiling fan, it is actually the coolest room in the house

when asked if she liked her new room, Lily replied “yes” with a big smile on her face

that makes me happy