ocean treasures mobiles

the inspiration:

for years now i have been collecting ocean treasures

every time i go to a beach i come home with something

may it be coral, shells, rocks…

i have been wanting to do something with these ocean treasures other than just having them in bowls (which i love also)

through magazines and pinterest i have been seeing a lot of wall hangings and mobiles

at our old place when we would go for walks, i would look around for sticks that i could use in order to make such wall hangings and mobiles but could never find any

well, we now have a yard and i have more sticks than i could dream of

so, yesterday it happened

i made some ocean treasure wall hangings/mobiles and i love them

one is hanging in our bathroom and another in Lily’s bathroom

i love the organic/raw feel of them

it was super easy

all you need is sticks, good old twine and ocean treasures

happy ARTsy wednesday!