knock it off

gap. on sale for $23.99 (originally $29.99)

target (genuine kids). on sale for $8.40 (originally $12.00)

i have had my eyes on that little skirt from the gap for Lily for a couple of months now

but at just about $30.00, there was no way i was going to buy it for her (she really doesn’t need any clothes. i just love the skirt. and either way, i wouldn’t pay that for a kid’s skirt. a dress maybe. maybe)

because we live near a target, ross and marshall’s now, Lily and i took a little walk over there today

i was going through the kids clearance rack at target when i spotted the genuine kids skirt

right away i thought of the gap one

i checked the price tag and couldn’t believe it was less than $10 (linen and cotton)

i grabbed it

of course

how could i not?