yellow house- so far

the dining room. a happy place for keys at kidrobot land

the fireplace

the kitchen

the dining room window

it’s a tricky window to shoot because of all the light coming in

living room (there is more to it but not quite finished yet)

the den

we got this area rug at target on wednesday for $29.99 (uo has them for $79)

Lily’s room

Lily’s bathroom. i made both the shell mobile and the window hanging

girl finally has a tub

our bathroom

our bedroom

can’t believe we moved a week ago from today

it was a long (long, long, long) and tiring week

i didn’t realize how filled with exhaustion i was until tuesday

all worth it though

we are in this house, almost everything is put away in its place and it feels like home

this weekend we will run some errands like ikea for a wardrobe and do more work around the house

hopefully next week we can get back to our normal routine and Lily and i will start going to the park again and such

have a great weekend everyone!

(consider this post this week’s “according to my phone” post)