a sunday

a spinning ballerina

a mopping ballerina

a ballerina looking for lizards outside our bedroom window

klimt inspired

lunch. quinoa with onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado accompanied by a mary

laundry hanging in the bathroom

we purchased these wood boxes at ikea for Lily’s bathroom but they were too big in there. they worked out perfect in our bedroom

Lily’s drink. mommy’s drink. target rug

auntie K in the house

D and Mia also in the house

happy monday everyone. hope you all had a great weekend

it was a rainy and stormy weekend here in miami which turned out perfect for things like running errands and staying home to do more house stuff

yesterday we hung up racks for spices in the kitchen, art work in the living room, a cabinet in our bathroom, hooks in Lily’s bathroom and shelves in our bedroom

the main thing that still needs to be tackled is a wardrobe for Will because all of our things don’t fit in the only closet this house has but that will soon get done also

sunday wasn’t all house work though

in the afternoon we had a visit from D, K and Mia

more drinks were had along with bad snacks like chips and puffs and later burgers and hotdogs were attempted on the the grill outside but that didn’t work out as well as we had hoped

there’s always next sunday!