a play date at the children’s museum

how cute are these two holding hands in the back seat?

too much. love it

outside the museum

hula hooping (or trying)

art at the artists studio

blocking with the big kids


lunch break at subway

great fun at the bounce house


shopping at publix

Lily as a fire fighter

that boy was getting so annoyed at Lily for pushing the siren button. lol didn’t phase her at all cause she just kept on pushing it

screaming puppies

due to rainy weather, us packing, moving and Sophia being away on vacation, it had been three long weeks since Lily and her bff had seen each other

however, we kind of made up for lost time with the four hours we spent at the children’s museum yesterday

it was a loud and crowded house in there with different summer programs going on but Carmen and i tried our best to find quiet spots

the girls had a wonderful time and looked the tired (exhausted) part when sitting in their car seats on the way home

i don’t know how they weren’t completely knocked out because i felt a bit dizzy (and with a slight headache) from all the sensory overload in that place

once Lily and i settled in at home and we were talking about our day, when i asked her what her favorite part of the museum was, she replied: “when we were doctors with the puppies”

future veterinarian?