according to my phone

from the yard

my laundry load


afternoon snack


a bath

a card

steppin’ out

a ballerina

dress up time


yard play

dressed for a play date at the children’s museum

hello there


mantel art


a redone redo back necklace

pattern play

a new necklace not yet in the shop

walking errands



self portrait with frozen banana

it was a chill week filled with rainy days at home, a play date at the children’s museum and walking errands around our new neighborhood

staying home has never felt so good now that we are in a house and there is so much more room

wednesday was by far one of the weirdest days i have had in a long time filled with strange coincidences that included a necklace, baby Elsie, a bathroom and broken glass

this weekend i look forward to some alone time while Will takes Lily to the beach (as much as i miss the beach, i NEED some alone time)

happy friday everyone. i wish you all a wonderful weekend!