our fourth of july twenty twelve

red, white and blue. and yellow

let me start this post by telling you all that the most productive thing i did yesterday was eat leftovers


i didn’t even get out of my pajamas all day

fourth of july in the middle of the week was not the smartest thing

i was exhausted. or maybe i’m just getting old. fourty in december (AHHHHHH!)

anyway, we had a great fourth

we had a small bbq at our house with a few good friends and then we were invited over to our neighbor’s great house and that was a blast

literally a blast since they had fireworks and sparklers

our neighbors have three boys between the ages of seven and twelve and Lily loved hanging with the boys

not pictured above, Lily swimming in the pool with the boys and their friends and jumping on their trampoline with auntie K

it was a great day

hope yours was too

happy friday and happy weekend!

ps- Lily did a lot of wardrobe changes and layering that day