the things she says

when in the kitchen getting ready to help cook the first thing she says is: “so…”. which is funny because Will and i both start a lot of sentences that way

when something is suggested that she may not agree with she will say “i think not”

when screaming, when i asked her what she was screaming at she replied “i think nothing”

when operating on Elmo’s eyes yesterday she said “your eyes are too big to see Elmo”. she killed me

last night while in bed before going to sleep she said “i don’t like boys” when asked why she said “i don’t like little boys”

when leaving her bed last night thinking that she was asleep, she turned around and said “no mommy. you need me!”

she talks all day long

from the moment she wakes in the morning until she goes to bed at night

while playing by herself with her toys, she talks non-stop and has a great imagination

she blows my mind daily