me: headscarf- vintage, borrowed from K. top- old navy. necklace- icreate. bag&pants- anthro. booties- gifted by Sasa

Lily: dress- old navy. sandals- salt water

too cool

when hot, drink more

loves her some oj

spicy tuna crepe. yeah. yum yum

public dancing

yay madagascar3

duh. spiderman


flamingo park

happy monday everyone!

yesterday we drove over to the beach and had lunch at a la folie with good old uncle Darren

actually, come to think of it, i think i was wearing the same pants the last time we were there all together…

anyway, food was delicious as always and afterwards Will and i took Lily to the movies to see madagascar3

not the 3d version, just the regular version

it wasn’t my favorite madagascar but Lily enjoyed it till the end and that’s always a good thing

since we were nice and cool from being at the movies and in the neighborhood, we decided to stop by our favorite flamingo park

after an hour of playing we drove back home and passed out from heat exhaustion

good sunday

how was yours?