according to my phone

three on bikes on the way to peruvian food

leftovers. including the beer

in her own world

an outfit

daughter artists

bedroom window

a bath in the past twenty four hours

an afternoon snack

watering plants


helping out around the house

a beachy fourth of july morning

Will and Lily

another outfit. same belt, different dress

get your drink on

get your food on

Lily broke her first heel dancing on fourth of july

somebody likes putting things under my pillow. D….

Lily thinks i’m ready like this

sometimes you just have to pita it

not happy to be out in the heat. not happy at all

made another ocean treasure mobile

friday happy hour

how about this guy working or hardly working in front of our house?

i’m basically just here to photo dump

actually, i hate that term cause i don’t really care for the word “dump” so let me rephrase that and say that i’m just dropping lots of cell pics off since there was no according to my phone post last week

yesterday was basically a laundry day and a day for going through the countless photo albums from one of my past lives (more on that another day)

this week we have a few play dates lined up for Lily

today baby Elsie will be coming by to play for a couple of hours

tomorrow our old friends Claudia and Sofia will be coming over

and then friday we will hopefully have a play date with Carmen and Sophia as well

ewph! i’m tired already