a borrowed sibling

baby Elsie was here yesterday and every time she and Lily are together, i can’t help but think that this is what it would be like having two

Lily is really good for the most part

it’s a little hard for her to share everything (her toys, her house, her mommy) and she often tries to act like a baby instead of the big girl she is but she is good

with Elsie crawling and trying to lift herself up on everything around, it’s a bit more challenging taking care of the two of them now than it was before she could get around (hence the post below)

either way, it can be done of course (plenty of mamas do it)

a sibling for Lily….

something we want but hasn’t happened yet

something i wish was already happening but i am a believer in things happening the way they are supposed to happen

i just worry about my age mostly

i will be forty in december and wasn’t really wanting to be pregnant in my forties

i know plenty of women have babies well into their forties nowadays but i was really hoping on getting all my pregnancies done in my thirties

but you know, what will be, will be….

sibling or no sibling

it will all be ok