a dinner at home

Lily and i prepping

bok choy

Lily in the bath

Will grilling

rice with peas

raisin fingers

dinner is served


we eat in most of the time

we get our organic produce every monday from a local place and then we cook lunches and dinners at home almost all through the week

Lily has become quite the little helper and doer in the kitchen

when she sees Will and i in there and she knows we are about to cook, she pulls her little stool over, climbs up and says “so….”

it’s important to us that she knows where her food is coming from

that it is not just brought to the door in a box (we do order in sometimes) and that vegetables don’t just come in cans

it is also important that she knows that meals take time and work

and that they are always so worth it

what about you?

do you cook with your children?