on a sunny day

we went for a walk/short hike

we ate cherries outside by the pond

we ran around with the dogs

we rolled around in the flowers

we laughed in the sunshine

we went to the garden and picked vegetables

we found shade under a big tree

slowly everyone arrived from work and we had happy hour

before leaving miami i was starting to feel a bit stressed about coming to wv just thinking about Lily’s sleeping schedule and all of that

a wise man (D) told me to just relax and be on vacation

i took those words seriously and have had a total different approach to being here this time around

Lily has hardly gone to bed earlier than 9pm and you know what? the world has not ended

this morning we woke up at 10am



going to bed late, waking late and staying in our pajamas for a while after we wake

our first week here has been wonderful

vacation feels good

happy friday everyone

hope you all have a great weekend!