the birds. part one, Dudley

i painted all day yesterday

i think i was more affected and inspired by SC than i thought

the ever changing beautiful sky, the birds, the art work on Dudley’s walls (Will’s aunt who we stayed with)…

all of the sudden i needed to paint (needed!)

so here she is

Dudley, the first of the birds series

named after his aunt, one of my gf’s. not because she looks like Dudley herself but because i felt it suiting and because i have ideas for this series (none of which i’m willing to share at the moment)

and because these are always fun, here’s how it all happened

happy ARTsy wednesday everyone!

sketched and lined in oil on monday afternoon

i always like to start with the eyes in order to give a painting life and know where i’m going

i decided to shade in blue because i knew there would be a blue sky in the background

shading of the neck

the hair. i opted for a blonde

more shading on the hair

the shirt. i chose same colors because i didn’t want anything distracting from her and the birds

beginning of the sky

base down

dark blue shading

white clouds

i would also like to say that Lily was an awesome 2.5yr old while i painted. all day