according to my phone

Lily driving the cart in SC

9am and Lily still sleeping in SC

on the road again. back to miami

farewell Dataw island

finger toes

Georgia on my mind

downtown miami

brunch after beach

we live on the dark side

a dinner at home

setting up to paint and setting up my little painting partner

almost done

Lily got the leftover paints

Lily’s turn to paint

a bike ride

Lily’s idea of dressing up

don’t think i forgot about these according to my phone posts

there just wasn’t much life going on in my phone since it never works in WV and then i got used to it not working and didn’t really use it once in SC (vacation)

but, we are back in Miami now and it’s in full swing once again

this week has been for trying to get back into the swing of things

we are all unpacked, all the laundry is done, and we are slowly (slowly) getting back to our normal every day Miami life

just in time for us to soon (september) pick up again when we go to Portugal

we don’t even have tickets yet and that is not like us. we usually have tickets months in advance

to tell you the truth, i can’t think of anything but painting

i just think of and see paintings

i must paint

as much as possible right now

happy thursday everyone!