the birds. part two, Hayes

i should have done many other things yesterday

like laundry, cleaning, help Will build his ikea wardrobe…

but instead i painted

i know myself well enough now that if i feel the need to paint, i must paint

if creativity and inspiration is knocking, open the door and embrace it

laundry, cleaning and all those things will always be there

creativity and inspiration may not be

so, here she is

the birds. part two, Hayes

named after Will’s mom, my mother in law but, most importantly my good girlfriend and Dudley‘s younger sister, Hayes

and here’s how it happened

happy sunday everyone. may it be a creative one!

drawn and lined in oil on thursday

face base and the eyes. always the eyes

lips and shadowing of the face

the neck

nostrils and ear

base for the hair

shading of the hair ( i hate painting hair. it’s so hard!!!!!!!!)

shirt (again i chose same colors so it wouldn’t distract)

starting on base for the sky

full sky

sky with dark and light clouds